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We provide full technological installation



We guarantee constant service care

nowetechnologie gabinet hiperbaryczny tlen - Nowe Technologie


We provide full knowledge of how to use the equipment

Komora hiperbaryczna NT wejscie - Nowe Technologie


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How can we help you?
By getting to know your needs and the extent to which you want to use hyperbaric chamber technology, we will be able to achieve the highest result for you. We have the greatest experience in the field of hyperbaric chambers, thanks to which we successfully develop a network of surgeries in Poland and worldwide. We offer full support in all situations, technology and service guarantees


All devices are under warranty


We provide training and ongoing care


We are available for any situation

NT Company Headquarters

New Technologies
st Anny Jagiellonki 2
92-414 Lodz

+48 516-289-789

+48 575-398-868


From Mon. to Fri.
at. 9:00-17:00

We invite to cooperation companies running medical activities, including offices of natural medicine, rehabilitation and physiotherapy centers, spas, hotels, gyms and many others aiming to care for the health of their customers. We will work with individuals planning to open their own practice who would like to join our network in their city.

When starting cooperation, we provide comprehensive business and marketing consulting as well as substantive and practical training in the proper use of the hyperbaric chamber and customer service.

The ease of use allows the hyperbaric chamber to be used at home by people whose health does not allow them to use the services of an office, and with the benefit of the device can serve all household members and family members.

The hyperbaric chambers are guaranteed and CE marked.

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