Hyperbaric chamber NT 1313

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Hyperbaric chamber for commercial use

The NT 1313 Hyperbaric Chamber is a modern design. One of our portable oxygen chambers that is very popular with doctors, physiotherapists, physical therapists and professional athletes. The NT 1313 barium chamber is a large chamber that provides complete freedom of movement for users.

The enclosure strengthens the inner chamber while enhancing its aesthetic appeal.
The NT 1313 oxygen chamber has an angular air inlet which ensures a constant flow of air in the chamber during treatments. The NT1313 is practical and ideal for clinics, gyms and rehabilitation centers. Five patient observation windows illuminate the interior with exterior light. Spacious design combined with medical technology for durability and functionality.

> A one-person hyperbaric chamber with a pressure of 1.3 ATA.

Hyperbaric Chamber NT 1313
Komora Hiperbaryczna NT 1313​

Health friendly technology

Custom made replacement valve (unique to our chambers).

The pressure adjustment handle and pressure gauge are located next to each other.

Oxygen breathing kit
A unique device that delivers oxygen with minimal contact and no facial contact. Designed for both nose and mouth breathing. Adapts to left or right side positioning.

Interior and optional extras

Air and oxygen hose
Premium medical oxygen tubing for connection to air compressor, oxygen concentrator and air conditioner.

Spare air filters
Simply replace every 6 months to maintain optimal air purification.

Anti-Roll Bolsters
External cradle-shaped stabilizers are included with all NT chambers.
These specially designed cushions, featuring “Velcro” adjustment, prevent the chamber from moving. They are simple and easy to install or remove.

Highly efficient, anti-fungal air blow suppressor.
It effectively manages the chamber atmosphere to provide comfortable ventilation for the user.

Komory Hiperbaryczne dla Dzieci - Nowe Technologie
Komora hiperbaryczna NT 1511 Wnetrze - Nowe Technologie

Oxygen Chamber - Interior

The chamber is equipped with two full-length rigid stabilizers.

Internal metal frame
The surgical stainless steel frame consists of two rings at the ends and two transverse rods. The “quick mount” system allows the frame to be installed in seconds without tools. This type of construction, while very rigid and very strong, is lightweight and ideal for both installation and transportation. Thanks to its rigid design, it retains its form when the chamber is in decompression.

High quality antiallergenic mattress, anti-mite is also a high density orthopedic mattress. The mattress is covered with antibacterial fabric that can be disinfected or sterilized. The mattress is designed to fit perfectly inside the chamber.

Set includes

kompresor cisnienia kapsula - Nowe Technologie

Oil-free air compressor

oxygen concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator

Product photos

The appearance of the product fits into any room, drawing attention to itself accordingly.


okno podgladu - Nowe Technologie
tech lodz - Nowe Technologie
komora kapsula hibernacyjna lodz sklep - Nowe Technologie
lodz nowa technologia hiperbaria - Nowe Technologie

Choose one of the best hyperbaric chambers!
We offer both single and double chambers, for home or commercial use.

Designed for people with compromised respiratory function, allowing oxygen delivery at home as well as in the hospital.

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