Hyperbaric chamber NT 1735

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Hyperbaric chamber for commercial use

Hyperbaric Chamber NT 1735 (seated)
The oxygen chamber is an innovative device.

Safe, portable chamber with soft walls available on the Polish market. Designed to provide a comfortable “sitting” as well as “lying” position.

The barium chamber is our one of our most popular versions providing 1.3 ATA pressure.

Compact on the outside, spacious and comfortable for users
The modern design of the chamber has a wide range of options for retrofitting additional accessories.

Hyperbaric chamber NT 1735
Hyperbaric chamber NT 1735

Health friendly technology

The hyperbaric chamber is our one of our most popular 1.3ATA and provides a comfortable treatment experience.

The top quality design makes this barium chamber very popular among our customers.

A casing made of durable material strengthens the inner chamber while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Fabric welding is performed by fusion and radio frequency.

The compartment is equipped with very tight locks of Japanese YKK design. It closes with silicone and a 3-layer zipper to prevent pressure leakage.

Zawór ciśnienia:
If necessary, the user can press this valve to quickly lower the pressure in the chamber, then open the zipper and get out in a short time.

External pressure gauge:
External precision pressure gauge that allows you to control pressure changes at any time. Provides the ability to accurately observe pressure outside the chamber.

Internal pressure gauge:
Allows the user to control the pressure change inside the chamber.

Wnętrze i wyposażenie dodatkowe

The chamber has two observation windows. The people receiving the treatment can observe the outside environment and the treatment staff can see the person inside the chamber. This design is effective in helping people who suffer from claustrophobia overcome their fear of confinement.

5-liter oxygen concentrator
The concentrator is easy to install and remove and requires no maintenance for two years. With Anion air purification, this robust oxygen concentrator offers the right balance of cool and quiet. The simplified two-piece design allows for 15% typical improvement in sound quality and an improved cooling process. Oxygen is introduced into the hyperbaric chamber from an oxygen concentrator that produces 93% pure oxygen. Dual purpose air filtration with active carbon filters.

Internal metal frame
Made of surgical stainless steel, the frame consists of two rings at the ends and two transverse rods. The “Quick Connection” system allows installation in seconds without tools. This type of construction, while very rigid and very strong, is lightweight and ideal for both installation and transportation.

Memory foam mattress
The high quality anti-allergen, anti-mite and high-density orthopedic mattress is covered with antibacterial fabric that can be disinfected or sterilized and designed to fit perfectly inside the chamber.

Air and oxygen hose
Premium medical oxygen tubing for connection to air compressor, oxygen concentrator and air conditioner.

Air filters
Activated carbon filters. Simply replace every 6 months to maintain optimal air purification.

Chamber stabilizers
External cradle-shaped stabilizers are included with all compartments. These specially designed cushions, featuring “Velcro” adjustment, prevent the chamber from moving. They are simple and easy to install or remove

Dehumidifies the air entering the chamber.
Power: 240 W
weight: 5.8 kg
Sharpness: ≤0.8 mPa

LED Flashlight
Led lighting, good for promoting good circulation and deep relaxation

Communication system from inside the chamber to outside.
Allows constant contact between the chamber operator and the person inside

Hiperbaria gabinet lodz

Wnętrze i wyposażenie dodatkowe

Size: height 25cm width 15cm depth 14cm
Flow rate: 1-10 Liters/ min adjustable
Oxygen purity: 93% +/- 3%
Weight: 30kg
Power: 530W

Air compressor
Adjustable pressure control system
Oil-free, low noise design

The air compressor is a quiet, oil-free device
Size: 39x24x26cm
Flow rate: 70 liters/min
Weight: 18kg
Power: 550W
Noise level: 50 db

Sliding type entrance door
Emergency button to release pressure in case of emergency
Interphone system for two-way communication – inside and outside the chamber
Two transparent viewing windows
Automatic air pressure control system
Air conditioner for chamber temperature control
Adjustable timer
Ionization system
Easy installation

Manufactured from high quality materials
Safe and easy to use
Mobile – convenient for transport
The chamber reaches a pressure of 1.3 ATA

Set includes

kompresor cisnienia kapsula - Nowe Technologie

Oil-free air compressor

oxygen concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator

Product photos

The appearance of the product fits into any room, drawing attention to itself accordingly.


Hyperbaric chamber NT 1735
Hyperbaric chamber NT 1735
stabilizator komory hiperbarycznej - Nowe Technologie

Choose one of the best hyperbaric chambers!
We offer both single and double chambers, for home or commercial use.

Designed for people with compromised respiratory function, allowing oxygen delivery at home as well as in the hospital.

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