Stacjonarny koncentrator tlenu NT-V5-DUO jest przeznaczony do długiej i bezawaryjnej pracy, pozwala na dostarczenie tlenu dla dwóch osób w tym samym czasie. Korzystanie z koncentratora tlenu jest nowoczesnym, wygodnym i oszczędnym sposobem wspierania zdrowia organizmu, szczególnie po całodniowym kontakcie ze smogiem oraz innymi zanieczyszczeniami z powietrza. Znacznie poprawia parametry oddechowe organizmu oraz komfort aktywnego dnia w pracy i życiu prywatnym.

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Oxygen Concentrator

Designed for people with compromised respiratory function, allowing oxygen delivery at home as well as in the hospital.

When to use?

As prescribed by your doctor, mainly for chronic respiratory failure such as:
- Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD,
- emphysema,
- bronchial asthma,
- Bronchial asthma- interstitial diseases of the lungs, also progressing with fibrosis of various causes,a,
- bronchial dilatation,
- cystic fibrosis,
- advanced mars, post-inflammatory, and post-tuberculous lesions, with approximately 80% of those treated being COPD patients,


- pregnancy
- Epilepsy (in severe states)
- fever
- high and untreated hypertension
- severe lung injury

Effective oxygen treatment matched
health for the whole family!

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Widespread use of concentrators

The oxygen concentrator has a wide range of applications. It is ideal  not only in hospital settings but also at home. Its operation is very simple and intuitive.
The active device provides an inexhaustible source of oxygen that can be used at any time, or around the clock for rehabilitation and hospitalization needs.
Oxygen is a life preserver that supports billions of people around the world every day!

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Improving quality of life in the home environment

It can be used at home to relieve symptoms and improve the quality of life for people affected by a variety of syndromes. Oxygen therapy is also sometimes used not so much because of a diagnosed condition, but in response to symptoms that occur, such as:

  • Chronic fatigue and insomnia,
  • persistent stress,
  • problems with recovery and concentration,
  • migraine headaches,
  • In rehabilitation and recovery from surgery,
  • In allergies and anaphylactic reactions,
  • In mental health and wellness disorders (e.g., depression, chronic stress, or exhaustion)
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0-5L flow per minute

Operating voltage 230V

Outlet pressure 0.04-0.08Mpa

Noise level of 45dB

Unit weight 21 kg

Warranty 1-2 years

oxygen concentrator

Product specification

Oxygen Concentrator - New Technologies
  • Name
  • Model
  • Flow
  • Power
  • Operating voltage
  • Outlet pressure
  • Noise level
  • Device size
  • Weight
  • Warranty
  • Standard functions

Oxygen Concentrator
0.04 – 0.08Mpa
21 kg
1-2 years
Overheat alarm, power failure alarm, pressure failure alarm, timer function, operating hours display, oxygen concentration alarm.

Oxygen Concentrator - New Technologies

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